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The Healing Power of Touch through Skincare

A great at-home skincare routine with intention can stimulate physical energy, tranquility, self-love, couples intimacy and serve as a gateway to healing. Taking moments to slow down and actively listen is one way to express your love and care for something. When distress is present, there is a lack of proper nourishment somewhere. In order for anything to blossom and be in good health it needs to be nurtured and maintained. From this space, there is a flow to all things we are connected to; our marriages, children, friendships, mindset, spiritual walk and our overall well being.

We are in a constant movement daily, and often neglect the healing power of self-care and connection. Being one who serves as one of God's healers, it’s so easy to forget that the same anointing God has gifted us to minister healing to others, is also beneficial to us. As a matter of fact we should be first partakers. One connective opening to render physical and mental healing are our hands. To bring balance here, when it comes to touch, what is within you is also what will be released from you. So if there is adversity within, it would be a challenge for healing to occur. (That is a discussion for another day.) This is why it is necessary to pursue purity and to stay in alignment with God.

Last week was my birthday and as much as I desired to feel like 100% of myself, I struggled through 4 days of what I call a “super cold”. There were periods of times where I would feel ok, then, I would feel bad again. I filled my body with medication, herbs, tea and soup. I also moved around after long periods of rest. However, on day 4 I was still experiencing some symptoms. I decided to utilize day 4 as a self-care day and force the last of whatever it was I was fighting out! When I felt a little jolt of energy I intentionally took these same hands that God uses to lay on others and laid them on myself with a soothing skin care process.

Touch with Intention

Faith, prayer, healing touch combined with a good but simple skin-care routine helped force out the last of the ailments that invaded my body. A simple decision to slow down, listen to my body and act on it may have saved me from a longer duration of sickness. This purpose driven skincare routine became much more than an outer experience, but it fostered love and care from within.

Marriage Tip:

Use this skincare routine to water your marriage to increase physical, communication and emotional intimacy with your spouse. Also if your spouse's primary love language is physical touch this is a great way to speak their love language.

Combining anything with a purpose to heal is an act of affection no one can deny, not even yourself.

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Fashionette Finley
Fashionette Finley
Dec 07, 2022


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