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How I found Healing

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Dance Therapy- The New Healing Tool

Healing can come from the most unlikely of things. It’s all about finding that ‘thing’ that triggers peace, strength, confidence, and positivity. The fear, trauma, doubt, and negativity we constantly feel, don’t belong to us, they deprive us of life, not in the sense of death but in the sense of living fully.

We can mourn our losses and not be tied down by them, we can be sad and choose to be happy later. We have the power to change ourselves so we can have a better tomorrow. Dance has gone beyond being a physical activity, the deep power of dance has been discovered and it’s been harnessed. Dance therapy is all about harnessing the power of dance for mental and emotional healing.

Dance is the new healing tool, that many people need to awaken to. I had major anxiety issues and found myself relieving the symptoms through movement. Our dance space becomes our safe space, a place where we detoxify, move through every emotion, and drop it all on the dance floor.

Dance Therapy Plus

When dance therapy is combined with all the forms of love and mindset therapy the possibilities become endless. As we go through dance therapy, we also must train our minds for positivity. Countering negative thoughts with positive, cultivating love, applying scriptures, dancing away pain, and seeking professional help brought out a whole me. I was tired of wallowing in pain, so I took my life by the horn and became intentional.

Dance therapy plus self-love, love from my partner, support from my community, mindset therapy, and professional help, opened me up to true healing. It’s not a one-man thing, everyone can harness this power and live extraordinarily. Living above pain, trauma and the past is possible! You must do the work but, You can do it!

We are building a community of whole people, by offering dance therapy sessions where you can unwind and detox. Allow yourself to be free!

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