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Where wisdom and wellness converge.

The Brand


The Watering Palace is a leading international health and wellness brand that ministers to the total man. 


With partnering movement, wellness, intimacy, marriage, self-care, and mental health, The Watering Palace formulates a unique and therapeutic experience that empowers, heals, connects, and restores through prayer, education, coaching, environment, and community. Our brand captures the hearts of all who desire to grow, while also engaging individuals who are currently dealing with intimacy issues and mental imbalances such as brokenness, insecurities, self-hatred, depression, anxiety, and more. Speaking to the outer man with movement, prayer, and education, but intentionally transforming and healing the inner man with a unique therapeutic experience. 


The Watering Palace is a household name well known for the experience our brand awards our customers. We are healing the world through movement, love, prayer, marriage/relationship, wellness, and mental health.



The Watering Palace is well sought after for services geared towards healing the inner man to effectively manifest that outwardly.


We specialize in marriage preparation and marriage longevity creating an ambiance for you and your partner to build a solid foundation in your relationship.


We inspire and encourage you to be authentic so your healing process can be effective.


Watering, cultivating, growth, consistency, and maintenance of healing is what we strive for.


In a safe and intimate environment, we teach you to extensively plow through exploring movements that will cause transformation. 


We push you to become aware of your aesthetics and non-aesthetics (things going on inside), so you can connect mentally, heal, pray, learn, relax, and release through movement. 


We provide a space where you can experience the beauty of loving God, yourself, and your partner through prayer/intercession, intimacy exercises, unique date nights, and movement that helps build and restore.


With our cutting-edge and extraordinary pathway, we produce moving works of art by allowing the Lord to transform us into beautiful authentic love stories. 


We create real life-changing experiences. 

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