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We aim to guide individuals to the foundation of Christ Jesus, foster a culture of prayer, and nurture intercessors. Through example and support, we strive to reflect God's covenant and strengthen marriages. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare the Bride (the Church) for the Bridegroom (Christ).

Fashionette Marie Finley

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As a devoted son of God and glory carrier, Fashionette Marie Finley embraces her multifaceted roles as loving wife to Tyree, nurturing mother to Zion, Cameron, and Faith, intercessor, servant leader, prophetic dancer, mentor, and emerging apostolic-prophetic voice.

She is truly honored to carry the assignment of being one of God’s intercessors in the earth. By God’s grace, she has founded a beautiful initiative called “The Preparation: Birthing the Intercessor,” which is aimed at teaching, properly training, encouraging, restoring, and birthing other intercessors.

Fashionette passionately leads as the Owner/Visionary of The Watering Palace. Which is a holistic experience that Heals, Connects, and improves the whole being through prayer, healthy marriages, intimacy, movement, rest, and refreshment. In alignment with her calling, and focus on marriage and intimacy, she recently expanded her expertise by becoming a Certified Clinical Sexologist. She is a Marriage and Intimacy Coach who helps marriages build strong, loving, fortified relationships. Her call and deep commitment to the mountain of Family are reflected in her approach to her work from a prayerful posture and guidance by the Holy Spirit.

As an end-time forerunner for Jesus, Fashionette is yielded, answers the call with a sure yes, and embraces her mantle.

Fashionette's influence reaches far beyond her roles in family, ministry, and business. She also shines as a Data Input Specialist and Test Proctor in the education sector, specifically for Miami-Dade Public Schools, where she applies her proficiency to make a positive impact.

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